Being The
Voice for The Values of The People

An Interview With The Candidate

Donna grew up a farm girl from Orange County, Virginia. She went to nursing school after graduating from high school and working as a nurse practitioner, met her husband in Norfolk, Virginia in 1973. They became residents of Marshfield in 1988 when they moved from West Virginia with five adopted children under the age of six. They relocated when Donna’s husband was hired to work at the Marshfield Clinic as a cardiothoracic surgeon.  Donna’s husband, Ed, passed away in 1993 from complications of HIV infection that he contracted from a patient who received a contaminated unit of blood.

In 2002, Donna returned to nursing as a cardiac medical- surgical nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital after losing in the general election for the 24th senate district seat after winning a four-way Republican primary. She began pursuing her Masters in Nursing Education from Viterbo University in 2005 and completed the program in 2008. She has taught nursing students at Marion University and UW-Eau Claire College of Nursing and Health Sciences satellite campus in Marshfield. She retired from teaching after the spring 2020 semester. She continues to work casually as a nurse on 3 North at the Marshfield Medical Center.

Donna has found a home in central Wisconsin and has actively pursued contributing to the community. She is a graduate of Leadership Marshfield and was Alumni of the Year in 2000. She was elected to the Wood County Board of Supervisors that same year and continues to be elected every two years. In her 20 years on the County Board, she has held numerous leadership positions and is currently the chair of the Health and Human Services Committee. She has worked on a variety of health and human services issues in addition to others. Rural infrastructure,  reasonable and fair taxation, workforce development, and affordable, accessible healthcare are areas that Donna is passionate about improving. She looks forward to going to Madison to advocate for the values and local needs of communities in the 69th Assembly District, being the voice of the people she wishes to serve.

Roads, bridges, family farms, main street businesses, broadband expansion, and schools are rural Wisconsin issues that bring unique challenges. As A long-time resident of Central WI, I will fight to help our communities thrive.

I believe taxation must be fair and reasonable to allow individuals to be prosperous. The Government needs dollars to perform necessary functions. Leaving money in the taxpayer’s pocket stimulates the economy. We need to stop asking how much government needs and start telling it how much it can have.

Employment needs require creative, innovative solutions. Developing future workforce requires cultural and attitudinal changes. These changes must include access to the education necessary to meet the needs of employers. This education must begin in high school, continue with post-secondary education, and include continuing education. All employees are essential and contribute to a business’s success.

The crushing burden of rising health care costs needs to be addressed. Without affordable health insurance, America’s families and businesses will not thrive. Rural communities need access to quality health care. Private/public collaboration can be encouraged to invest in providing that access.